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Upcoming Cdramas
FEAR ME - corialis
C-dramas I am SO looking forward to watching:

Beauties of the Emperor - Airing June 2012. I'm not sure what the premise of this drama is, but it Chen Qiao En is in it and I lovelovelove her in Fated To Love You, and she can out-act any actress I know, so I'll watch this just for her. Ming Dao, who plays the hero in this drama, does nothing for me looks-wise, but is a decent actor, so it wouldn't be horrible to watch him in the main role. I would have LOVED to see Peter Ho as the lead, though.

Xuan Yuan Sword 3 / Rift of the Sky - Airing July 2012. Fantasy drama based upon an RPG, similar to Chinese Paladin. I'd be there for the pretty. And Hu Ge & Liu Shi Shi.

Beauties Without TearsIn Love With Power - Airing July 2012. Stars Hawick Lau so it can do no wrong (I mean, if he can get such a train wreck story like Sealed with a Kiss to be interesting and create an empathetic lead, he can pretty much do anything). The trailer is overly dramatic, as others have pointed out, but I'm all for it. Yum. And the stills for it are so, so ridiculously pretty. Seriously the most gorgeous drama I've seen yet in stills. And that's saying a lot, considering Bu Bu Jing Xin stills were epically gorgeous.

Da Mo Yao / A Story of the Wolf Girl  - Airing December 2012 or 2013. Having started reading the translated novel, I can only salivate over the idea of this becoming a drama. And starring my favorite Chinese stars--Hu Ge and Liu Shi Shi! According to Viki, it's already in production  (yay!). Feels like an eternity away, but at least it'll be this year.

Chu Han Chuanqi / Legend of Chu and Han - Airing early (January?) 2013. Where I get my wish fulfilled, and Peter Ho stars in it. :D Hallelujah! Why is it not 2013 yet???

Swordsman /The Smiling, Proud Wanderer / State of Divinity - Currently in production, so looks like another drama with 2013 released date. I'm not a huge fan of Wallace Huo (unfortunate since he's in so many period cdrama!) but am a big fan of Chen Qiao En, so will definitely be keeping an eye on this drama for her. 

- - -

Sword Heroes Fate - Already out, but English subs are only available up to episode 6. Dunno if I want to start watching this if the subs take forever.

War of Desire / Phoenix Totem - Already out with 38 eps total, but English subs only available up to episode 14 on viki. I watched the raws for Hans Zhang and Shuang Zheng though. They're so adorable together! Their bits together are the only parts worth watching--the rest of the drama dragged--too much noble idiocy, regular idiocy, and just plain plotlessness.


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I'm still wondering if she's playing a guy or a girl. The character in the book is a man. One of those scary feminine looking guy. BUT, in some previous remake, they made this character into a girl and made her fall in love with the character Wallace is suppose to play. If you look at some of Qiao En's stills for this drama, you'd see that she's VERY feminine. Wallace is playing 2 characters, one is the main hero in the story, and the other is the evil lover of Qiao En's character. I think I'm comfortable with that character being turned into a girl. lol I never read the book, so I'm not entirely looking at this as critical as some Jin Yong fans. My honest opinion is that it's bound to be way different from the book considering who the writer is. Letting Yu Zheng take this project, is Jin Yong losing his mind at old age? He banned that person who changed the gender of one of the characters in this story before, so why is Yu Zheng so free? lol

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