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Life is like a movie

but dramas are funner to watch

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All C-dramas, all the time! (With a dash of Tw-drama, for msg flavor.)
FEAR ME - corialis
I haven't posted in a looong while, but have the sudden desire to post again due to a renewed love for C-dramas.

A little background--I've been watching K-dramas for the past few years, with the occasional Taiwanese drama added to the mix, but C-dramas had pretty much dropped of the computer screen for me. Until recently...there's a been a wave of them. That I watched and was even obsessed over. Some of them I'm not too proud to say I was obsessed over, but...it'd be lying if I said I didn't get back into C-dramas because of them. :)

Soo, latest C-dramas watched these past few months that started my C-drama watching kick:
Jade Palace Lock Heart / Gong - a rip-off of an Internet novel by Tong Hua (nom de plume Zhang Xiaosan) that got made into a drama. Still an excellently made drama, and the fact that it stars Yang Mi and Feng Shaofeng really brought it to stardom.
Bu Bu Jing Xin / Startling by Each Step / Scarlet Heart - the official drama adaption of Tong Hua's novel Bu Bu Jing Xin. The most gorgeously made drama I have ever seen. A mood piece in itself and an incredible story to boot.
Fall in Love - Chinese remake of the famous K-drama Autumn in My Heart. To be honest, I could not watch the kdrama of Autumn in My Heart. I tried a couple of times before, but it just looked too utterly depressing. Fall in Love, however, managed to be addictively watchable and I didn't even realize it was a remake until a third of the way through the show, I kept feeling like I've seen/heard of this plot somewhere before because it was so darned familiar! Google searching gave me the answer and it was a total a-hah! moment. I loved this drama so much, I even tried to watch the original kdrama version in the hopes that it'll be better than I expected (since logically, if a remake is so awesome, the original must be awesome-r). It was a fail, though--I forced myself to watch the entire kdrama version and disliked it as much as I thought I would from the previous attempts. Oh well. Now I can say I've seen instances where the remake of something was better than the original. :P
Sealed with a Kiss - Originally an Internet novel (and I can see why--back in my day, it would have been called 'fanfic'--because let's face it, it's meant for our ids, not our IQs.) Nowadays, this is what I call trashy novel reincarnate onto the screen, and I love it so. Deliciously fun, horrifically trashy, and call the cops if you ever meet the 'hero' in RL. But other than that, you'll watch because you can't look away.
Too Late to Say I Love You - By the same author as Sealed with a Kiss, so of course that merits watching. Let the fun continue! 
Summer's Desire - Peter Ho! Peter Ho! Pretty much this is my discovery of the awesome-ness of Peter Ho. He wasn't attractive before, but after this drama, the man became smokin'. Playing such a fascinating and swoon-worthy character helps, I suppose.

Re-watching because I can:
Fated To Love You (What to say about that a drama that made me cry buckets, stay up way too late to watch, and gutted me like an emotionally hungry fish? Seriously, every other episode I was bawling. Thanks, Chen Qiao En, for such superb acting that I never looked at post-it notes the same way again.)
Butterfly Lovers (sadly Butterfly Lovers has been out since 2007, but English subtitles for this drama have ceased with ep13. I guess for a 41-episode drama, even subbers can lose patience. But still! Peter Ho! I loved him ever since Summer's Desire and it's so hard finding him in any other subbed dramas! Peter Ho, please for the future pick a drama that English-speaking Chinese fans would watch, so someone can sub your dramas! Please!!)
The Rose - Because twisted stories are like train wrecks to me, and I can't look away. Plus, it's a great opportunity to look at Joe Cheng's early days (before the stardom of ISWAK) and see him act his little heart out.

Watching Chinese dramas have been made me hooked onto Chinese literature! Aided and abetted by book recaps found online. Thank goodness for the Internet!
Summer's Desire - A novel trilogy by Ming Xao Xi, translated almost in its entirely by the wonderful tamarako.
Bu Bu Jing Xin - Novel by Tong Hua, with fabulous scene recaps here by the ockoala.
Da Mo Yao (Ballad of the Dessert) - Novel by Tong Hua, translated in entirety (chapters 1-38, plus epilogue!) by the awesome ockoala here.
Yun Zhong Ge - Novel by Tong Hua that is the sequel to Da Mo Yao, novel translating in progress by the awesome ockoala here.

I'm also looking forward to reading these stories as they become translated/scanlated:
Show Princess - the manga by Ming Xiao Xi that Summer's Desire is based off of
Hui You Tian Shi Ti Wo Ai Ni - Novel by Ming Xiao Xi 
Angel Will Love You Instead of Me - Manga by Ming Xiao Xi that is based upon the novel Hui You Tian Shi Ti Wo Ai Ni (scanlations in progress here)
Ming Ruo Xiao Xi - a manga whereby the titular heroine has virtually the same name as the author / manga-ka. That doesn't sound promising (I mean, Mary-Sue much??), but we'll see. If it's a good manga, who cares about blatant Mary-Sue-ism, right? Right??

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I know--the recent wave of cdramas are SO GOOD. I love it! BBJX was pretty much my gateway drug to cdramas again too :) That and Gong/JPLH...which come from the same story, so, uh, yeah--same story.

Seeing all these great cdramas really make me wish I knew Chinese too. I took a semester of it for fun before but it's ridiculous hard and I stopped after that. Maybe if these awesome dramas were out a few years ago, I would have had incentive to continue lol. But at least the cdramas are getting so good now that more people will be interested, which = more translators, so I could get away with nonexistent Chinese! :)

Yeah sometimes really need a good incentive to learn any language ^^
I guess that's why 2 years of spanish went down the drain haha

The C-Dramas really make me so excited
I know there are a few novels being translated. did you try any audio books? If you can understand, it's still fine. There is a lot more you can get into haha
It's a good way to fuel the addiction!! If you need recommendations just ask me. There are some hella weird voices in the mix so it's very traumatizing if you happen on a scary one O_O lucky my first experience was with Da Mo Yao and it gave me a good impression on audiobook. You should totally try!

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